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5 Simple Ways to Meet People While Traveling Solo

5 Simple Ways to Meet People While Traveling Solo

While traveling solo, or even with a friend, it can be intimidating attempting to meet new people. When traveling, it’s always fun to meet and connect with new people from other parts of the world. Here are some simple ways to meet people everywhere and anywhere.


If you’re not a fan of sleeping on random couches, that’s fine. This app is still worth downloading on your phone. The app has a cool hangouts option where you can meet up with other travelers and even locals near your current location. In addition, some groups plan activities that you can join in the city you're in. I’ve personally used this and had great luck meeting people with this app.


2. DATING APPS (ie Tinder, Bumble)

I know you think these swipe right "dating" apps are all about hookups BUT I’m here to tell you otherwise. These apps can be great for meeting up with other travelers and locals to show you around or tell you what’s cool to do and even share travel stories. Highly recommend when creating your profile bio to state that you are STRICTLY looking for friendships and meeting new people so you can filter out AND AVOID unwanted messages from love interests. You’ll most likely get a few but I’ve met some lifelong friends on this app whom I still talk to regularly and keep up with their travels. 


This seemed obvious to me but many people from home (California) weren’t aware that this is normal in other countries and super SUPER fun. I’ve stayed in some amazing hostels while traveling and met many wonderful people. Most hostels have events and group activities planned weekly or participate in the cities main attractions. Just hanging out in the common room is the quickest way to meet people who are dying to meet people from other parts of the world. I recommend staying at the more popular hostels even if they're a few dollars more expensive if you’re in the mood to meet a lot of people.



Recommend doing this the first day you arrive to your destination. These tours are usually in the morning and most hostels I stayed at had them at 10 am. Walking tours are great because you learn and get a feel for the city you're in and how to get around. You will meet people from your hostel and other hostels that join the tour. You will hear a lot of people saying "I want to go there today" or "I have to see that before I leave". You should join them and include yourself in their plans ;)



Lastly, don’t be afraid to go up to people and ask for help or tips on what to do or where to go. I’ve asked people to take a picture of me who I intended to spark a conversation with and the worst that could happen is the say bye or don’t really engage in conversation with you. What do you have to lose?

Thank you for reading & happy travels!




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