Book Your Next Trip – The 2019 Simplified Logistics Guide

Here is the mini guide to booking your next trip. I’ve included some of the best sites to use and that I personally use when booking my travels. 


Book Your Flight:

Find the cheapest flight by booking with SkyScanner and . I find this to be the best option on affordable flights. I will check other prices on competitive sites but SkyScanner is always the winner. 



Book your Accommodation:

My favorite sites for accommodation are HostelWorld,, and Airbnb. If you’re looking to book a hostel the best site by far is HostelWorld. If you’re looking for great hotels and guesthouses, is the way to go, they have the cheapest rates. And the last, which I definitely find to be my favorite is Airbnb. You can find some amazing places on there for cheaper than a hotel and get to feel more like a local then a tourist.


AirBnb (if you’re new you can get $35 off here)


When You Arrive:

Great sites to give ideas for your trip include TripAdvisor and CultureTrip. These give great ideas for what to do during your travel days and how to make the most of your trip. You can also purchase excursions straight from the apps.



Travel Insurance:

I currently use World Nomads for my travels. It covers illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. This was huge for me since I have a reputation with family and friends for getting sick during my travels. I usually find a doctor in whatever country I’m in to get medicine. I’ll be writing a post all about handling illness abroad soon.



Last PRO Tip:

Look up the best form of transportation when you land in your destination. See if the city has Uber or if your accommodation can book you a driver. There are many taxi scams in most cities at airports and you will end up getting overcharged. You don’t want to start the beginning of your trip getting ripped off. So definitely look that up in advance and know what to expect.

Want to save money on your next adventure?

Go to my resource page for all the sites I use and some discount links.

Happy Travels!!



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