About Lexi

Hello, and welcome to Torch Traveler. Thanks for taking time to stop by! I’m Lexi Lynn and I launched this site to help others travel the world on a budget and give people some tips and tools I wish someone had told me before I started full time traveling. I know some of the things I’ve learned can help others. I hope this site becomes a resource point the will help you and people you know on their travels.

Hey Lexi, why is your blog called Torch Traveler?

Great question!

A little background – I’m a natural redhead and when I was born I came out with a head full of red hair and was immediately given the nickname “the torch” when a friend of my parents came to hold me and said “pass the torch”. It stuck and has been one of my many nicknames growing up. My mom also said I looked like a troll but that wasn’t a nickname I wanted to keep…

Forward 23 years later and here I am wanting to start a blog and not knowing what to call it. I needed a name that was very inspiring but also something I personally identified with. So I thought about my mission. What was my mission for this blog? I want to “pass the torch” by giving some of my knowledge to others to use it and “light their path” on their travels. Then I thought… Torch Traveler sounds good to me!